‘A Place’ and ‘Platero & I’ with Douglas Hensley

‘A Place’ and ‘Platero & I’
classical guitar, storytelling, table top puppetry, live low-tech video projection

Saturday, April 20
1983 Fairfield
8 pm / $15

TIMGOSLEY@TELUS.NET or (250) 598-7488

Two stories performed by Petra Kixmöller with music by Douglas Hensley. Tim Gosley adds moving illustrations via low-tech video & simple props.

A PLACE, by Larry Lewis, is the tale of a charming village made famous by a painting created by a famous dead artist. People flock to see the village that inspired the painting. Time passes, things change. Petra Kixmöller tells the tale while manipulating props representing the characters including, eggcups, carved figures, and a Tim Horton box. The proceedings are simultaneously projected via video giving yet another point of view.

Platero and I, op. 190, vol. 1, written by Spanish poet Juan Ramon Jimenez, with music later composed by Italian Mario CastelnuovoTedesco in 1960. A melancholic and gentle Spanish poem recounts a man’s perception of the world through his friendship with his companion, a donkey; beautiful music and words with evocative images. Petra Kixmöller, German-trained actor and teacher, has performed in her own shows including “A Place” and “Brecht between the Wars,” and with Merlin’s Sun in “A child’s Christmas in Wales”, “the Smile Show Mini Revival”, “Faust thru the shadows” and “The Musicians of Bremen.” She has also performed in several projects with Puente Theatre. She taught theatre and German at Les Enfants de la Terre, a Quebec Waldorf School and is currently doing the same at the Victoria German School, Uvic, and Theatre Inconnu & Merlin’s Sun’s drama program.

Douglas Hensley loves collaborating with narrators, singers, dancers, puppeteers, poets, chamber ensembles, symphony orchestras, opera companies, and classical Persian musicians whenever the opportunities arise. He teaches classical guitar, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, lute and Persian târ at the Victoria Conservatory of Music, and is a founding member of the early/modern music ensemble Continuum Consort.

Timothy Gosley directed “A Child’s Christmas in Wales”, taught & wrote plays for Theatre Inconnu’s Youth Program. He’s created giant puppets with Puente Theatre, designer Catherine Hahn, and Vancouver’s Theatre Terrific. He has given workshops to Slam Poets, the Inter-Cultural Assoc., libraries and schools. He revived a mini version of his father’s Smile show and performed a retrospective, “Tim Gosley: a Man behind some puppets.” He hopes to soon remount Merlin’s shadow version of Faust. He is also a Gemini winning tv puppeteer including with the Muppets Fraggle Rock and Canadian Sesame Street.