Press and Praise

For Bradford Werner and Victoria Guitar Trio

Highly accomplished musicians with thought provoking yet accessible music. – Jason Hall, The Vancouver Observer

…no small feat – the performance requires a great deal of precision, as it is full of Reich’s typical ever-evolving figures, where a simple three note motif can quickly transform into a shifting set of six or seven note motifs. Werner pulled it off beautifully… – Martin Monkman (Music in Victoria)

The Victoria Guitar Trio has been active in Western Canada for nearly a decade and has made a name for themselves through the exceptional artistry they demonstrate in performance and programming. As one of their commissioned composers, I can attest to the virtuosity of their playing and depth of their curatorial vision. Their concerts often feature a far-reaching stylistic palette that has won them a large audience in a short period of time. – Jordan Nobles

As a composer I have had the good fortune to have a piece premiered by the Victoria Guitar Trio. This piece is somewhat complicated and contains both aleatoric elements and a tape part throughout. The dedication and attention to detail provided by the three guitarists of this ensemble made the whole experience of seeing the piece come to life an enjoyable and rewarding experience. The Victoria Guitar Trio rocks. – Wes RD Wraggett (composer)

The Victoria Guitar Trio are three solid and literate performers, fearless in their execution of new material that expands the boundaries of guitar repertoire. – Murray Visscher (Mount Royal University)

The second half of the concert closed with an unmistakably Piazzolla tango, Evasion in a very effective arrangement. Here the Trio accentuated the drive of the rhythm without losing the charm of Piazzolla’s melody. This was a tremendous way to close out the programme. I for one am looking forward to their next appearance on a Victoria stage. Music in Victoria

Bradford Werner as a teacher:

I am always impressed by the dedication Brad shows to his students, and his care and creativity in teaching them. Fortunate students indeed, to study with such a fine mentor and musician. – Dr. Jamie Syer, Dean of the Victoria Conservatory of Music

Bradford is a wonderful music teacher. My son Daniel looks forward to his lessons and says Bradford is always so happy & fun. He has learned so much, Brad makes it fun & inspiring. Daniel also appreciates that Brad is willing to have him learn pieces he is interested in & not just following a pre-set curriculum… – Heather Lewis, Parent of youth student

Brad’s smile of confidence, calm presence, and congratulatory word says it all. He quietly mentors, giving our intrepid now-teenage daughter inspiration in both in a creative and practical sense. What would we do without him? He knows how to steer the ship, without appearing at the helm! – Susan Donnecke (Parent)

Brad ensures that I have thoroughly prepared solo-pieces for examinations, competitions and performances. Maintaining his good natured attitude at all costs he makes learning fun. In all my repertoire I receive excellent guidance in musicality and grasp of the direction of the piece. – Sofia Donnecke, teen student