Bradford Werner Plays Kellner

Bradford Werner plays the Rondeau, Pastorel, Passepied, and Giga by David Kellner (1670-1748) arranged for classical guitar (originally for lute). You can find my sheet music edition here.

David Kellner (1670-1748) was a German composer of the baroque period and a contemporary of Bach. He wrote a sizeable amount of compositions for the lute but also theory of music and equal temperament. His diagram of the circle of fifths is the earliest extant examples. I find these works very satisfying and filled with charm. The later Baroque and Galant style bridge the gap between the Baroque and Classical Eras. Like Weiss, there is always a melodic line flowing through the works and rarely any super thick counterpoint, perfect for guitar. The Giga was originally in D but all the works have been arranged in A (the tuning for Kellner is very different on lute).

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  1. Thankyou for this, Bradford – one of the loveliest pieces of guitar music I’ve heard for a long time.

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