Calata ala spagnola by Dalza

Bradford Werner playing Calata ala spagnola [No.6] by Joan Ambrosio Dalza (fl. 1508) arranged for Classical Guitar.

Originally for Renaissance Lute. Source: Intabolatura de lauto libro quarto (1508). Just a quick video I did to promote the sheet music section of my blog. This is one of my personal favourites. It’s pretty easy music to play but just lovely.

Sheet Music: Calata ala spagnola by Dalza on This is Classical Guitar

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  1. This is lovely. Can I just say thank you so much for posting your teaching videos. I am a struggling classical guitar student in the UK and have fortnightly face to face lessons with my teacher. I took some lessons as a teenager and have returned to the guitar much later in life. I find your tuition absolutely invaluable. The patience and clarity with which you go through the steps in all the videos of yours I’ve watched have been incredibly helpful and inspiring. I’ve bought and downloaded the pdf of 20 Favourite Exercises. Whenever I need some encouragement between lessons I watch a Werner video and try out some tips.

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