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Congrats to my festival students 2013

It was a great festival this year with adjudicator Matthew McAllister (Scotland). Matthew gave such great advice and the students loved him. I was super proud of all my students. They not only shared all their hard work and musical…

My Student Troy plays Prelude BWV999 by Bach

My student Troy plays Bach. Troy has been working toward entering post-secondary studies having come from a popular music background. He also plays in a well established metal band! video link:

John Cage: Imaginary Landscape No. 4 for 12 radios

Performed November 20th, 2011. Collegium students from the Victoria Conservatory of Music. Radios: Brenna Hartman, Marvin Ren, Jacob van der Sloot,  Nathan Bomans, Stephanie Galipeau, Chloe Kersen, Pearse Wolfe Liblong, Brian Fremlin, Bronwyn LeBlanc, Anne van der Sloot, Kelsey Dupuis,…