Quelus Guitar Duo play Domeniconi Sonata Op. 14

Quelus Guitar Duo: Bradford Werner & Michael Dias

Mov I, Mov II (4:10), Mov III (7:50)

Sonata in tre movimenti Op. 14 (dedicated to the memory of Manuel Maria Ponce) by Carlo Domeniconi (b.1947)

Sonata in tre movimenti Op. 14: A neo-classical/impressionistic duo for two guitars imitating the harmony and style of Mexican composer Manuel M. Ponce (1882–1948). Domeniconi is an Italian guitarist and composer well known today for his very popular 1985 piece Koyunbaba for solo guitar. This duo was completed in Berlin, 1981. 10 minutes.

video link: http://youtu.be/ELDF-UMP_as