Telus: My Wait and Workflow Problems

Problems with Telus

Been a Telus customer for likely 10 years…

Moving to a new house, I call about week before November to switch service to my new house (rented suite in five suite building).

Telus says they don’t recognize the new house but sets up an appointment for Nov. 5th nevertheless (Weird since Shaw, Fortis, and BC Hydro recognize it just fine). 10 to 12 day wait seems long but, whatever, I’m a patient guy. They say I will be charged in the meantime since they can’t cancel my current service until the new one is hooked up. Arg, fine.

Telus calls on Nov. 5th saying they are not coming because they don’t recognize the house in their system. What, but I waited so long? They say they need directions, major land marks or legal property right stuff. I tell them I’m living in the house and the street number is clearly marked on the house. They say they need more. I give them the neighbours addresses and they still need more. I tell them that the street number and big huge house that has Shaw, Fortis, and BC Hydro is the landmark they need. They are still reluctant to send someone. The support person says “I’m not sure what to tell you.” I also inform them that the landlords have been trying to get Telus out there for weeks. I end the call politely.

I call Telus to cancel my service. They convince me to wait and send someone out immediately. Finally, I’m a priority at least. I’m feeling more optimistic. I tell them that it’s a new house and that they will need to send someone to hook up the main line or whatever, they blow off the comment.

Now, of course, if the house is not in their system they should not send the tech to hook up my service but instead the tech to hook up the house. Nope. The tech comes out and says he is not the right person and they need the person who hooks up the house.

I talk to the landlord and he says Telus wouldn’t send the tech for the main line until they had a customer. This was weeks and weeks ago. So you can see the workflow problem. They are giving both of us a catch-22 and there is always a delay each time a new (and wrong) tech gets sent. Can’t they connect the dots?

The tech that came out tells me someone will be put on the job and he’ll call me tomorrow to tell me how long it will be. I receive no call. No one has come.

So, in the meantime, as I rack up my mobile data (from Koodo – a Telus company nonetheless, arg). I wait. And, I assume, pay for my phone and internet.

Today (Nov 10th) I talked to support people on the phone and via Twitter support but they said “Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with a time frame.” How can there not be a time-frame? Hasn’t a tech been scheduled to come do this? Not having a time frame for hook up is not very encouraging. Sigh.

There are five suites in the house and two of them had Shaw right away. I called Shaw and gave them my info and they said they would call back but DIDN’T call! I’m cursed. However, I’ll probably call Shaw back if Telus doesn’t do something to calm my lack-of-internet-jitters.