Marcus Dominelli Classical Guitar


2010 Marcus Dominelli Classical Guitar for Sale

  • Spruce top, Indian Rosewood Back and Sides, fan brace.
  • Elevated Fingerboard
  • Condition: Great, some wear in the french polish and unnoticeable dings.
  • Location: Victoria, BC, Canada
  • Video example: (or see below)
  • Buy it in person and I’ll give a further discount.
  • Contact email Bradford:
  • Reason for selling: I own two of them and need the cash! This one is my beautiful solo guitar loved for it’s excellent tone. My other guitar by Marcus was built specifically for ensemble playing which I primarily play.

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Sound Sample of Me Playing This Guitar 

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Video Link:

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  1. Hey everyone: If this is about your price range for a classical guitar, I promise you will love a Dominelli. I have one and have commissioned a second one. They are under priced to begin with for the quality, sound and playability, and this is a good price. And no folks, I don’t know Brad.

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